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Crown Shaving Co. - Combo Style Kit

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Description: A complete kit for every man who loves to groom. It comes with their famous Hippie Killer Styling Pomade that gives hair a firm hold and an old-school shine. Plus, it’s got a blend of bee proplis extract and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is unique in today’s market for a men’s pomade. Their Peppermint Tree Hair & Body Wash was made with the best ingredients for skin, like Aloe, Lavender, Chamomile, and Vitamin b5. It does two jobs in one, and the peppermint’s a nice kick in the morning. Lastly, our Signature Blend Cologne is the travel-sized version of our popular signature tonic scent. A masculine fragrance, it lends forth notes of tobacco, leather and bay rum. Best of all, it’s a roll-on.


Hippie Killer Styling Pomade

Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash

Styling Comb

Roll-On Cologne.

Made In Canada