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Layrite Natural Matte Cream

Holds hair without feeling like it's there

A lightweight, water - based shaping cream that adds texture to flexible, all day hold for a range of styles for easy and laid back to more defined.

Insider Tips

Apply in wet hair for a softer, easy - going look.

Apply in dry hair for more control and firmer finish.

Work fingers through hair for a more casual look, use a comb for a neater, more defined look.

Works best for

  • Fine to medium thick hair
  • Naural, casual groomed looks
  • Frizz - free definition for wavy and naturally curly hair.

How to use:

Remember: The Drier The Hair, The Higher The Hold!

1. Apply a small amount to palms.

2. Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired. The drier the hair the higher the hold.

3. Restyle by running your comb or hands through hair, no water required.

4. Rinses out easily with water alone


Benefit: Holds hair without feeling like it's there

Level Of Shine: Matte Finish

Level of Hold: Low-Medium Hold

Hair Texture: Fine to Medium Thickness

Scent: Mild Cream Soda


About Layrite

Layrite was founded in 1999 by the talented and charismatic, Donnie Hawley. Having his technique hindered by petroleum-based products, Donnie labored to find a solution.

The end result was a water soluble pomade formulated to 'Hold like wax and wash out like gel.' After one of Donnie's patrons commented that his pomade was the only product that made his hair lay right, a brand was born.

An American Original since 1999

For Barbers By Barbers

We are the barber's choice. A line of men's grooming products created for those in the know. Because Layrite was created by a barber, not a scientist.

Donnie Hawley has spent his entire career developing some of the best Men's Grooming Products available in the market today.